How I Made $4207.13 in 40 hours Giving Away Free Websites

Dear Friend,

If you are looking for an easy way to make money… In the shortest time possible…

You came to the right place! Stay with me and I am going to show you exactly how to do it!

Step 1.

Create a website that looks like a web designers website. I prefer portfolio type of websites.

Step 2.

Now you need a couple of ”websites” for your ”portfolio”. I’ve found many wordpress themes which have +10 demo templates. So you only need to build the website, take a screenshot of it. Then change the template again till you have 4-8 screenshots. Then you can put them in your portfolio. It takes a moment to fix everything every time you change the template.

You want to include those designs which you can create quickly.

Why I like to take screenshots of the templates is because if the client chooses one of the screenshot templates I know I have it and can easily make one.

This is the reason why I wouldn’t take pictures of other peoples website as I might not be able to do them quickly. If the client would ask one.

Step 3.

Your website should be ready now.

Click here to get a .design domain for free.

You could do 2 things now:

Include a text on your website where you’re saying you’ll be giving away free websites.
Then you can include a form which the client puts their requirements and their email and anything else that you want to know.

The second option which I like to do is pretend I’m starting a business as web designer.

I include 4-8 designs on my website’s main page.

It will look a bit empty this way.

I then make a facebook page and ad.

But you can you free traffic generation method like uploading a video to YT, classified ads and posting your add in social media groups, they work like wonder.

I usually target certain groups with the ad. As I”m mainly doing portfolios I target people who need portfolios. People who do logos or graphics and need a website for whatever reason. I’ve found that models especially need portfolios…

You then target those groups with facebook ads. You also need an ad. You can create one with canva for free.

The ad should say something like:

Free Website Design! Worth $299!

I’m starting a business and need to expand my portfolio.
Please like and comment for your changes of winning”

Step 4.

Now you just send a facebook messages to those people who liked your give away. If they don’t ask for anything too challenging pick them.

Step 5.

Here’s where the money is!


You’ll ask them to sign up for a domain. You can pick a nice affiliate share.


You also ask them to buy hosting from your affiliate link.

There are plenty of affiliate programs for this. They usually pay around $50 to $150 per sign up.

I use wordpress as it’s very easy once you get use to it. I can create a responsive website in 1 hour. Everything optimized and this way customers love it and recommend me to others which I can actually charge money.

Also remember. You want them to click your affiliate link. So you can send it to them on facebook chat/email and tell them these two websites domain/hosting are reliable and working for me.


-Offer logos. Most of the people don’t have anything and need something.

-Offer SEO or speed optimization.

-I also understand that the customers can ask you for your help for ages. You should do the website to the point which they asked. If they ask for too much tell them that you have done your part, but can do those little things for small charge. You can tell when the customer is bitching and going to end up bitching in the end no matter what. Over charge them or forget them. Those ones aren’t worth the chatting…

Click here to get a .design domain for free.